Basic Principles of The Genesis Way

In 1987 while traveling in southwest England, I chanced upon an old cottage where lived a woman artist who invited me for tea. She took me to her studio which overlooked a lovely lush green garden filled with flowers. I’ll never forget that garden or the small easel standing by the window which had on it not art, but a type-written page that I would need time to mull over. So I took a photograph of this easel and share its contents with you here, for on this simple page are the thoughts of a 19th century anonymous artist and philosopher. I wish I knew who he or she was in recognition of the wonderful gift offered to generations to come. I share it with you so you might see how those words unconsciously left their imprint on me, leading me to create The Genesis Way in the spirit of art as my anonymous inspiration so beautifully puts it: ‘the outward expression of the inward search.’

From an anonymous artist’s easel in Cornwall, England . . .

Art is not concerned merely with great artists, with genius or with prodigious skills. It is, fundamentally, the outward form of an inward search. To participate in this search, on whatever level and with whatever ability, is to be an artist. The equipment of the artist is not found in art shops only, but in his attitude of mind, in his vision and in his emotions.

It is of supreme unimportance whether the artist is possessed of some dazzling vision, like Samuel Palmer or whether he paints almost as a matter of amusement with whatever materials that happen to be at hand, like ¬old Afred Wallis – the important thing, the thing which links all artists together, is the search.

Works of art, sometimes good and sometimes bad, are the outward evidence of this search. But the work of art is really of secondary importance – it is merely the crystallization of an idea or emotion, and a correct understanding of art must take this fact into account.

The true importance lies in its alchemical nature, in its strange power to refine the sensibilities, to heighten visual awareness. This evolution of the spirit is the true aim of art, and anyone who embarks on this spiritual odyssey bears the name of artist.

The practice of art is not directed towards producing artists who can paint or sculpt with real ability, nor towards producing more works to fill our homes and galleries; it is directed towards producing human beings with a sense of wonder at life and that precious ability to enquire into its outward manifestations.


Samuel Palmer
Alfred Wallis

1. Genesis Art Workshops require no art background. All ages are welcome.

2. Intuitive art speaks in the affirmative. There is no reason to worry about your artistic abilities when you learn to trust that the artist within is actually a spiritual messenger offering wisdom meant just for you.

2. Everyone can decode practical messages in art that can be immediately applied to living a happier, more fulfilling creative life.

3. When you apply your creative abilities to serve your family, your closest relations, friends and society as a whole, these significant others can “see” what you are thinking, and can join you in making dreams come true.

5. The 44 Genesis Cards guide you to express both the world in front of your eyes, (so-called reality) and the world behind your eyes (imagination).

6. Each Genesis Way art session brings you growing confidence to hear, see and interpret what intuition expresses through your art.

7. The more art you do, the more intuitive you become. That’s the Genesis Way.

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