Genesis Art Workshops take place in a peaceful and centrally located studio in Taito-ku, Tokyo near JR Okachimachi station, Hibiya, Oedo and Ginza lines

Workshop Winter 2017 Schedule
Sundays Meet at the north exit of JR Okachimachi station at 12:50.

Sunday afternoons 13:00~17:00
February 26 March 5, 19
¥5,000 – 4 hour session

Monday evenings 18:00-21:00
March 6, 13, 27
¥4000 – 3 hour session

To sign up please email: or call 080-7743-8531

Meet Liane Wakabayashi and view a recent Genesis Art Retreat here!

Special thanks to camerman and photojournalist Takayuki Sato for the beautiful filming Genesis Art Workshops on site at Brown’s Field during the 8/24-8/28 Wellness Retreat.


If you live far from Tokyo, a deck of Genesis Cards can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the world. Follow the Guidebook instructions to get started, or for studies leading to mastery or becoming a qualified Genesis Way instructor, schedule private and affordable lessons by skype. For further information, please contact Liane directly at


I went to your workshop for some inspiration this weekend. Oh! I was amazed by your technique and how everyone responded to drawing pictures that somehow matched these little cards with incredible imagery. You really worked some magic that day, Liane! Ruby O, California/Japan