Genesis Art Workshops has a new home and a new studio location in the quaint 19th century cobble stoned village of Yemin Moshe. I can’t wait to share my inspirational neighborhood with you, both the beauty, the spectacular views and the techniques I’ve brought with me from Japan, my home for thirty years.


Formerly the first Jewish settlement just outside the walled city of Jerusalem, after the Six-Day War, Yemin Moshe was redeveloped as an artists’ colony by Mayor Teddy Kolek, who saw the potential that artists could bring to the steep and stepped community facing one of the world’s most photographed views of Jerusalem’s medieval city walls.

MONDAY BIG PICTURE: 10:30-12:30 Outdoor drawing and indoor painting in the historic and flower-filled neighborhood centered around the beloved windmill of Yemin Moshe
Grand Opening! 4 sessions for 300 shekels Regularly 4 sessions for 400 shekels
Trial session – 100 shekels, or bring a friend for 80 shekels each

Bushes burst with flowers, pine trees rise like towers, and the great walls of the Old City stand at the end of your fingertips. In Yemen Moshe, the much-loved historic 19th century village of red rooftops and cobblestone streets, you never know who will suddenly spring into view. Brides and grooms dressed for the chuppah, children neatly dressed in matching adorable finery or their next simha, tourists and neighbors schlepping groceries home—be inspired by this fascinating world where time stops and artistic inspiration continues. You’ll learn to draw with your heart, to see without looking at the sketch paper, using easy yet powerful techniques to connect to artistic subjects and make them your own. No previous art background is required.

MONDAYS SPARKS OF TORAH AND MEMOIR WRITING: 19:00-21:00 Recollect the miracles of your life story: Grand Opening! 4 sessions for 300 shekels Regularly 4 sessions for 400 shekels

Starting with a brief discussion from the wisdom of this week’s Torah portion from the Gutnick Chumash, you’ll be guided through 30 minutes of short free-writing exercises to help you recollect the sights, conversations and dear ones who helped shape profound moments in your life, whether they happened this morning or fifty years ago. This is a joyous, uplifting process with no previous memoir-writing experience necessary. Bring a comfortable pen, a new notebook, and Liane will guide you in creative writing exercises that are so enjoyable you may want to make a routine of them!

Meeting at the Zion Gate, we enter a world at least two thousand years old, where ancient walls meet modern parking lots, where Roman columns lead to posh and new souvenir shops. Men with black hats. Women who wear thick stockings and sensible shoes. Children in beautifully matched and ironed outfits. Soldiers carrying guns. Arabs selling crusty sesame seed bread. Jewish book vendors and Armenian ceramic artisans. There is so much to see and draw, a feast for the eyes as we settle on the randomness of any given moment as we move in a zig-zag toward the holiest of holy Jewish sites, the Kotel Western Wall. Each session you’ll learn playful, easy-to-do art techniques and come away with a light heart, at least one beautiful drawing and intuitive awareness of how this beautifully organized world inside the ancient city walls was put here just for you. If time permits, we will either return to the Yemin Moshe studio or visit a nearby coffee shop in the Old City to talk about the art and the creative process just experienced. Grand Opening ! 4 sessions for 300 shekels Regularly 4 sessions for 400 shekels

GENESIS ART TRAINING INTENSIVE: 13:00-17:00 Covering the entire 12-part Genesis training program to develop artistic and intuitive self-confidence and a colorful portfolio of art expressing your own artistic style. 6 four-hour sessions: Regularly 2400 shekels. Till Hanukkah 2200 shekels (six consecutive sessions)

Genesis Art is a way of developing intuitive self confidence, artistic skills, and an awareness of the wisdom within that can lead to self-empowering healing breakthroughs. Use Genesis Art to get a different point of view on stuck ways of thinking or to gain self-confidence in areas of life that you would love to feel strong and capable in. Use Genesis Art to build or rebuild healthy supportive relationships. Genesis Art, developed over ten years in Japan, consists of twelve workshops, each with a theme relating to the worlds ofthe imagination, nature, and human nature. By working along this creative spectrum–spontaneous creativity at one end and slow detailed observation at the other–you’ll gain drawing and painting skills, and deep understanding that the difference between a good picture and a great picture is in how much you put your soul into it.

Art supplies to set up your own home studio is required for this workshop and the list is available upon request. Graduates of this course may also opt to continue their training to become certified Genesis Art instructors (see for more details).

To join a workshop, call or email us to reserve your space. We like to keep the classes small and intimate, with up to seven students per class, so reserve your spot early!

Private individual and group sessions are also available upon request:
*One to One painting: 90-minutes drawing, painting or creative writing lessons: Regularly 300 shekels Member’s Price: 200 shekels
*Workshops: Regularly 400 shekels 300 shekels for two hour workshops.
For Parties, Organizations and Corporate Sessions: Creativity and Communication Breakthrough Workshops: Starting at 600 shekels for ten participants
Art supplies are included in our fully equipped studio with spectacular views of the Old City and Yemin Moshe. Rates to your venue are slightly higher.
*Work-study scholarships (50 percent off) are available for admission to all workshops except for the Genesis Art Intensives. Don’t hesitate to call!
From now until Hannukah, we’re offering a special promotion of classes at big discounts and no membership fees.

For questions or signups, call 972-55-974-8254 or email:




I went to your workshop for some inspiration this weekend. Oh! I was amazed by your technique and how everyone responded to drawing pictures that somehow matched these little cards with incredible imagery. You really worked some magic that day, Liane! Ruby O, California/Japan