Photographed by Takeyuki Sato

Since 1996 I’ve been drawing with awareness of the awesome power that intuition offers as an artistic guide. I believe we are all intuitive. We are all artistic. And it would be my honor to teach you one, two or the entire 12-session foundation course known as Genesis Art Workshops.

Whether you have no artistic background, or its been years since you felt really good about your creativity, Genesis Art Workshops offers a gentle approach to using your intuitive wisdom to develop your arty self and apply it in both personal or professional areas of your life.

To read what teachers, coaches, healers, nurses, midwives, business owners, and students of many ages and backgrounds have to say about Liane’s workshop click here:

To view the 44 Genesis Cards which are used to amplify your own intuitive wisdom  at Genesis Art Workshops please watch the video below.