Photographed by Takeyuki Sato

Photographed by Takeyuki Sato

Greetings! I’m so looking forward to introducing you to the creative breakthrough techniques I’ve been developing for the past twenty years either in person at my Genesis Art Studio in Okachimachi, Tokyo or – since Spring 2016 – anywhere in the world via skype sessions.

After you familiarize yourself with the Genesis Cards and the workshop offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or to schedule your first Genesis Art workshop.

All the best,

Liane Wakabayashi

“Creating a work of art with the Genesis Cards involves four easy steps… writing down a question or intention to explore in art, drawing it out, interpreting it, and taking action upon it. Let your art speak to you with its light and wisdom!”
Liane Wakabayashi, founder of Genesis Art Workshops

Gnesis Art Workshop by Lake BiwaGenesis Art Workshop at Taikoukyo

Genesis Art Workshops offer a wide range of workshops to develop artistic abilities and intuition simultaneously. Liane believes that everyone has artistic potential. Everyone has intuitive wisdom.Her creative approach requires no artistic background to begin.

If you live in Tokyo, the easiest way to get started is to drop in for a class or schedule a private session at Genesis Art Center, a fully equipped art studio in Okachimachi, near Ueno Park. Or join us at a fabulous retreat in famous and historic areas of Japan. And if you’re not in Japan, skype online one-on-one sessions are available. See workshop page for more details.

“People should never associate Genesis art with needing artistic skills. Making art using Genesis cards is a method of creatively reflecting upon your life. The practice of making connections between the cards and your artwork helps you appreciate the smaller details of life that are often overlooked. Doing the cards is a humbling experience.” C.A. Tokyo

“At first I was a bit nervous but after many drawings my heart got lighter with good feelings. It was a very deep and centering experience.”    MI, Chofu