Photo by Takayuki Sato

Discover the beautiful life within by drawing and painting at Genesis Art Workshops

Join a Genesis Art Workshop and experience a transformational way of drawing and painting that requires no previous art background. When you draw, you can forget about the pressures of the day and enjoy doing things really, really slowly. Like selecting a paint brush so small and thin, you’re covering the paper with the detail of another world, another reality, a peaceful world that takes shape from within.


Watch the overview of Genesis Art here:

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Genesis Art Workshops offer a gentle approach to developing artistic gifts. A deck of 44 Genesis Art cards offer creative companionship and insights that turn drawing and painting into a transformational adventure, whatever your age or stage of artistic development.Workshops and retreats are ideal for beginners. For more advanced artists and therapists, training and certification are offered directly from Genesis Art pioneering intuitive artist and head teacher Liane Wakabayashi,