Announcing the Worldwide Launch!!

This genesis digital edition introduces 17 new images to the deck.

You can now instantly purchase and enjoy the Genesis Art Digital Edition!

Select 44 digital Genesis Cards randomly. Choose from three languages: Japanese, English and Hebrew. Includes a digital User’s Guide to inspire hours of creativity alone and with partners. Special introductory offer! $12.99 (¥1300)


The Genesis Way Classic Edition: 44 Cards and Guidebook

English and Japanese Editions


The Genesis Cards offer 44 exciting ways to develop your creativity and intuition. Pick a card, read the accompanying message and creativity exercise, and develop your confidence to draw and paint alone or with partners.

Due to limited inventory, The Genesis Way English and Japanese editions are only available to Genesis Art Workshop participants, former students Genesis Art certified teachers, and private session clients. $35 Genesis Way includes shipping and handling.


Private Sessions to Launch Your Journey into Genesis Art! Liane will send you detailed drawing instructions to prepare for your session, then with your drawing shared on the screen, you’ll get uplifting feedback through the Genesis Cards and get a clear sense of how to take next steps in creating a sustainable art routine in your life.  

$125 Genesis Art private session with Liane, includes worldwide shipping and tax of Genesis Way classic edition in English and Japanese.

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