Genesis winter sprints connect hands to heart.

Your adventure as an intuitive artist begins here!

"Doing intuitive art with the Genesis Art Card App was really centering. I normally find that I'm not that focused at home. I couldn't believe how I got absorbed in drawing. It was sort of a revelation to me. Every card I picked had meaning. The first card that I got was Trust, which was exactly what I wanted, because in truth I was a bit timid to start this Sprint."

JB, Japan

In Genesis Art, we soften our gaze and connect with the artist within. The 44 Genesis Cards are both a tool of artistic inspiration, and intuitive companionship that I'm going to show you multiple ways to use for making art that's fun to do and a joy to look at afterwards.

When you join this Sprint, you get immediate access to the exclusive Sprint WhatsApp group to upload your art, and to give and receive supportive comments. If you're curious about the Genesis Cards, this is your opportunity to learn how to use them skilfully, as a tool for creative inspiration. Any questions you have, I'll answer live on Zoom when we meet.

Meet live in a Zoom session at the starting date for self-introductions
and to learn more about Genesis Art. Celebrate completion at the end of each Sprint by sharing amazing syncronicities and other surprising discoveries about your intuitive artist within.

For the Sprints, you’ll need a lap-size sketchpad, quality rainbow-colour crayons, watercolours or pastels (we recommend anything made by Swiss Caran Dache). You'll also need a phone with the Whatsapp, installed on it.

This video explains how the Genesis Art Card App works...

Got any questions about the Sprint? I'm your guide, Liane, the creator of the Genesis Cards, and I'm here to make sure that you have a wonderful, thrilling art sprint. At your service!

Consistency and Progress: 10-day sprint February 7-17

Regularly $100 Mid-winter special! $50.00

Here's where we go deeper into developing artistic routines, community, and refine our signature intuitive style

From Habit to Priority: Developing a Signature Style
21-day sprint February 22-March 14

Regularly $300 Mid-winter special! $150.00

How the sprints work:
Each day you’ll receive an email for a simple drawing exercise from the Genesis Way guidebook. As your facilitator I'll be drawing with you every step of the way. Although we’ll all be doing the same daily exercise, you’ll be surprised by how your art can synchronise with, or contrast, fellow artists spread throughout the world. You’ll get to know each other through the comments and art. On the first and last day of each sprint, you'll have a chance to meet online, draw together, and share experiences in a 90-minute Zoom session. (The timing will be coordinated to meet different time zones as best as possible.) Take one sprint, create beautiful art, enjoy the momentum of doing art every day, and get wonderful feedback. Then challenge yourself with longer sprints to keep the inspiration and momentum going. As the sprints build momentum, you're going to see yourself becoming bolder in composition, in self-expression, in the way you relax into drawings. And of course, there are the 44 Genesis Cards to act as creative and intuitive companions every step of the way.

Special bonus for All Sprint participants!

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