Genesis Art Teacher Training 2021

Genesis Art Teacher Training 2021
An 8-month program for a small group of artists worldwide
Leading to certification as Genesis Art teachers

With Liane G W

February – August 2021

Monthly 2-hour Zoom group session, 1-hour private session, Fridays 1-3 pm Israel time

Tuition: $1350 for the 8 month course includes certificate, promotion of your teaching credentials on the official website and six sets of limited edition Genesis Way classic cards and guidebooks.

What to expect:
Readings and discussions inspired the creation and philosophy of Genesis Art Painting and drawing assignments to advance your creative self-confidence and student interaction
Deeper understanding how to find your audience and market Genesis Art for personal satisfaction and financial gain
Exclusive entry to a whatsapp teachers group for sharing Genesis Art and exchanging supportive messages

Upon completion you’ll receive: The 12 session Genesis Art teacher’s manual in English or Japanese Your name, contact info, artist’s statement and credentials will be on the official website,

Genesis Art Teacher Training is an invitation only program for graduates of the 12 lesson Genesis Art Foundation course who have experienced the transformational power of Genesis Art and want to deepen their understanding, develop their artistic self-confidence, learn marketing skills, in order to teach Genesis Art or use it in other practices.


Genesis Art Teacher Training is designed to teach you how to teach Genesis Art. But it’s also about you becoming a confident artist in your own right, taking the Genesis Cards in new – original-- directions based on your skills and passions, and gaining practical skills so that you can follow your intuition to manifest the life that you desire. Genesis Art Teaching Training encourages you to use your professional, personal, creative, educational and spiritual life experience and combine it with the Genesis Cards in new and exciting ways.

Teacher Training sessions, both group and private, focus on discussion of the philosophy, universal and Torah values and influences that led to making the body of paintings and pastels known as the Genesis Cards. Homework involves drawing and painting, book reading assignments, and communicating with other members of the Teacher Training community online.

The homework is fun and stimulating and is designed to build your confidence in teaching. The weekly art assignments can take an hour or longer, depending on you. The 44 day challenge has been done in the past over 44 consecutive days, but if you have limited time you can spread out the challenge over several months too. Please contact me at the start of the course if this is your preference.

A private Facebook or Whatsapp group is formed for communication to share art, feelings and awarenesses. This creates a wonderful trust and stimulating conversations with others in your group.