Genesis Art Mastery and Teacher Training 2023

Genesis Art Master Course 2023
A 12-month program for artists worldwide
Two tracks leading to mastery of the Genesis Cards and Genesis Art teacher certification

December 18th join me for a free Q and A session about GAMTT at 2:00 pm Israeli time for Japan participants, and again at 8:00 pm Israeli time for US participants. To sign up contact:

With Liane Wakabayashi

April 2023 - March 2024

*Monthly 2-hour Zoom group session *Monthly 1-hour private session

Tuition: Regularly $2500 for the 12 month course includes a gift of six sets of first edition Genesis Way classic cards and guidebook ($210.00 value)
Special Offer for all in the Genesis Art community who have taken classes in 2022 and sign up by November 31st - 50 percent off! $1250 for full 12 months course

GENESIS ART MASTER COURSE 2023 Starts Sunday January 15th

The Genesis Art Master Course gives you the powerful experience of creating your own deck of intuitive cards from start to finish. For card lovers, for educators, healers and artists who would love to create a signature deck, the master course takes you through a full-immersion into the creative process of making paintings and pastels that use the Genesis Cards to tap into your own wealth of imagination. Every idea starts with the imagination, and becoming masters starts with refining your ideas so that every work of art you do is both an expression and a gift of all you love. The monthly practice involves drawing and painting, spiritually uplifting book readings, and communicating with a small community online limited to six participants.

Assignments are fun and stimulating, can be done in an hour or less, and help you achieve artistic development goals and personal ambitions. Last year a Genesis Artist from Northern California drew herself in Dublin, far away from the fires that devastated her community. This New Year she celebrated from her new home in the capital of Ireland, joined by another member of the Genesis Art Online community. What made it possible was drawing toward her this dream in one drawing after another. She saw Dublin in crayons. Then she saw her house and her community. And in less than a year, she was there!
Drawing toward you the things that you want in life, things that matter, people who adore you and want to see you succeed, turn you into first an inspiration, then a leader. Our Genesis Art Community becomes a home away from home for many artists. As we Zoom from kitchen tables and living rooms, we beam ourselves into worlds that expand our own. A monthly theme, weekly art activities, and daily prompts on Whatsapp will keep you connected. The culmination of this course, in mid-Autumn, is an88-day challenge in which you'll be creating 44 works of art uploaded every other day. Preparing for that marathon is the work of the preceding months. We're building artistic stamina, drive, and self-confidence every step of the way.
The Genesis Art Master Course helps you prioritize art in your day, with skill-building art and mind--expanding exercises to appreciate everything in life that is good and sweet--especially in these turbulant times. How many of us have said we want more art in our daily life? And how hard it is to follow through persistently and consistently! And what are we doing instead? Scrolling down screens!
A private Whatsapp group is formed to communicate art, feelings, and awarenesses. This group creates a wonderful trust and stimulating conversations with others in your group.

What you can expect from the Master Course that contribute to your growth as an artist:
- You'll be able to use with the Genesis Cards for artistic inspiration, for deep communication for the people closest to you, for goal-setting and appreciating all the things that are working in your life right now.
- You'll be able to interpret what you're intuitive artist within is telling you by juxtaposing a randomly chosen Genesis Card alongside your work of art.
- You'll know how to adjust a work of art using the Genesis Cards to encourage you to be bolder, more colorful, and feel more energized!
- You'll learn secret intuitive techniques of great European, American, and Japanese art masters from the 19th and 20th centuries, whose genius continues to shape the way we see ourselves through the art we make.