From Jerusalem to Japan, Genesis Art brings new and experienced intuitive artists together to create a worldwide community with heart.


All Sprints include two Zoom classes on the starting and ending Sundays

Genesis Art August Sprint: August 14- August 28 In Praise of Sea, Rivers, Ponds and Sky

$79 includes two Zoom community meetings, online access to a private community for sharing your art and receiving feedback and guidance from Liane Wakabayashi, and a free download of the Genesis Art Card App

Become part of a warm and welcoming international community as you focus close to home or on vacation upon beautiful bodies of water. You’ll receive seven video art exercises, and a transcript, to help you shift to a different way of relating to beautiful surroundings that you’re blessed to be near. The pace is relaxed. The instructions are simply fun. You'll have 14 days to complete the exercises, upload your drawings or paintings to a community platform, exchange uplifting words, and find out something new and wonderful about yourself.

To sign up:

Genesis Art September Sprint: September 11-25

September 11 - 25 A Genesis Art Journey through the Rainbow Colors and the 7 Chakras

In Genesis Art, we create with rainbow colors and learn about their vibrational impact on us. We might think we’re masters over the paint set or box of crayons, but in truth, those colors we are reaching for have a plan of their own. Finding out each color's "hidden agenda," as understood through the seven chakras in the human energy field, can strengthen both your identity and your confidence as an artist. Over seven days, you’ll go out into nature or work indoors to connect with specific colors, using fun, easy techniques relating to the 44 Genesis Cards. You'll have a choice to make drawings and paintings that come from the world before your eyes, or what comes from the imagination. You’ll receive seven short videos and a transcript of each video, along with membership in a private group where a connected community of new creative friends await you. Space is limited, so please sign up early. $79

October 9 - 23 Abundance, Energy, and the Harvest Moon
In this Sprint, you’ll receive short inspirational videos to help you make seven works of art around the theme of gratitude for all that is good, sweet, and miraculous in your life right now. This is the Genesis Way. We’re looking at the bright side of life. We’re counting our blessings. We’re focusing on what’s working in our life right now. And in the process of doing so, our art soars from an open heart. Over seven days you’ll go out into nature and connect with a specific color each day, using fun and simple techniques that help build your confidence as an artist and can lead to self-transformation, a brighter, bolder, more courageous version of you. You’ll be drawing what you see before your eyes, and what comes from the imagination. You’ll receive seven short videos and a transcript of each video, along with membership in our exclusive Chakra Art group where a warm, delightful community of supportive artists spread out over the world awaits you. Both men and women are welcome. Space is limited, so please sign up early. $79

Private one-to-one coaching with Liane offers discussion and a chance to complete a drawing based on the connections you make with a Genesis Card. Liane guides you to sharpening your observation skills and being courageous. Go further with colours, composition, energy, spacial relationships, mood, serendipity triggers, and more than you dared to imagine before.

What to Expect:

You’ll receive daily one-minute videos that demonstrate a daily art exercise to help you break down barriers to drawing. With a free mind, you'll discover how to own the full expanse of the sketch paper in vivid colors and uplifted emotions. These videos help you connect your feelings to your subject even before you've set down a single stroke on the sketchpaper.

The videos arrive directly to a private WhatsApp Group for this Sprint.

Upload your drawings and exchange comments on the easy-to-use platform,, where you'll be invited to join a private group for this Sprint. But don't worry and don't feel daunted by these two platforms. Whatsapp we're all familiar with, and helps keep all your art organized and in one place, for others in our community to instantly access and comment upon. ( is free to download).

Who Are We?

I'm Liane Wakabayashi, creator of the Genesis Cards and founder of Genesis Art Workshops. Since the year 2000 I've been guiding both inexperienced and professional artists, therapists and teachers into the profound world of intuitive drawing, specifically connecting the dots between your work of art and a randomly chosen Genesis Card. I offer supportive feedback so that you can better see intuitive connections that arise out of the drawings you make, and see how clear and wise is your intuition when you focus on a theme, and a randomly chosen Genesis Card matches what you've just drawn.

Genesis Art brings people from many cultures and countries who are open to drawing - no matter whether they're accomplished artists or beginners - and share from an open heart. Currently we are in the US, UK, Canada, Japan and Israel, and we welcome all!

Begin by Getting to Know Each Other

We start with a Zoom session to meet other members of our Sprint. This creative group attract like-minded people, who bond in trust, laughter, synchronicity and support on the easy-to-use, beautifully organized App, where each member receives their own inbox to upload art and share observations that come from comparing a work of art with a randomly selected Genesis Art Card. The more art you do, the more confident you become. The connections you see between your art and a randomly chosen card, support this exciting process from start to finish.
Detail of painting
Award-winning painting in Nitten 2022 annual competition, Japan, by Hatsumi Tonegawa

The Genesis Art Card App is included when you sign up for a Genesis Art Sprint.

App for free when you sign up! ($9.99 value)


Have the App already? Send us a friend’s name and we’ll send a complimentary promo code with thanks.

June 14-day  Genesis Art Sprint:  includes one-hour meetings on Zoom: Sunday  June 12th and Sunday June 26th– 3:00 – 4:00 pm Israeli time.

Art by Jane B with Harmony Card

Genesis Art Worldwide

Art by Daniella K with Jester Card

Art by Maria K with Sunrise Card

"Doing intuitive art with the Genesis Art Card App was really centering. I normally find that I'm not that focused at home. I couldn't believe how I got absorbed in drawing. It was sort of a revelation to me. Every card I picked had meaning. The first card that I got was Trust, which was exactly what I wanted, because in truth I was a bit timid to start this Sprint."
JB, Japan

In Genesis Art, we soften our gaze and connect with the artist within. The 44 Genesis Cards are both a tool of artistic inspiration, and intuitive companionship that I'm going to show you multiple ways to use for making art that's fun to do and a joy to look at afterwards.
Every day, members check into the App platform for daily instructions on what to draw, along with words of inspiration.
When you're done drawing, upload into a mailbox with your name on it so that others can see and offer our Genesis-style positivity comments based on comparing a member's drawing with a randomly chosen card.

Members are welcome to hang out in a separate channel on the App, called the Art Lounge, to share extraneous things going on, but very much related to the process of drawing every day. In this way, people bond and feel supportive, no matter how many time zones away we are!

When you join this Sprint, you get immediate access to the exclusive Sprint App group to upload your art, and to give and receive supportive comments. If you're curious about the Genesis Cards, this is your opportunity to learn how to use them skilfully, as a tool for creative inspiration. Any questions you have, I'll answer live on Zoom when we meet. Meet live in a Zoom session at the starting date for self-introductions and to learn more about Genesis Art. Celebrate completion at the end of each Sprint by sharing amazing syncronicities and other surprising discoveries about your intuitive artist within.

For the Sprints, you’ll need a lap-size sketchpad, quality rainbow-colour crayons, watercolours or pastels (we recommend anything made by Swiss Caran Dache). You'll also need a phone with the Whatsapp, installed on it.

This video explains how the Genesis Art Card App works...

Got any questions about Genesis Art? I'm your guide, Liane, the creator of the Genesis Cards, and I'm here to make sure that you have a wonderful, thrilling art experience. At your service!