Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops

Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops
Weekly two hour Zoom group lessons
plus access to private
WhatsApp Genesis Art Worldwide art-sharing group

Sundays 7:30-9:30 pm Israel time 8:00-10:00 pm Japan Time

At weekly Genesis Art Workshop, you’re getting hands-on experience drawing and painting with an amazing online community gathered from the four corners of the world. What's amazing about us? Intuitive artists tend to be introspective people who like hoards of time by themselves to ruminate on life and from this alone time creativity flourishes. If this fits the description of who you are, then you must know as well that there is nothing as lively and noisy as a room, real of virtual, full of introverts! We come alive in the presence of other creatives and intuitive people. We share deeply and sensitively, choosing our words carefully to support and encourage each other. Yet at the same time we are fun, witty, oftentimes hilarious and highly perceptive. Intuitive art made with the Genesis Cards can bring you into a balanced state so that you feel confident and excited about your creative expression.

In private and group sessions, you're getting a workshop tailored to your specific group mission or personal creative goals.

The intuitive art exercises vary each week so that you’ll be learning new skills and stretching what you ever imagined possible as an artist. You’ll receive an email the day before the session explaining the lesson—but the actual lesson is done together on Zoom for the first half of the session, with the second half for sharing our art, and giving each other strokes from the heart. That’s the Genesis Way. Reserve your space here:

Space is limited to keep the classes intimate!


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Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops with Liane Wakabayashi