Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops

Genesis Art Intuitive Workshops
Weekly two hour Zoom group lessons plus private
WhatsApp group membership

Wednesdays 1-3 pm Israel time
Saturdays 7-9 pm Israel time

Pay by the Month! $100 for four lessons

Special offer till January 31st: $750 for twelve months ($1200 value) Plus you’ll receive one of my drawings made in 2020 as a thank you gift in the palette of one of your favorite Genesis Cards.

Required: The Genesis Way 44 Cards and Guidebook $35 includes shipping

Genesis Intuitive Art Workshops are focused each session on themes of creating uplifting intuitive art, building community, and — in these unsettling times — building immunity. I feel creative endeavors at this time give us the strength of clarity to make good decisions and keep in the light—what we all need right now.

By counting our blessings, acknowledging the small and daily miracles in our lives, and reaching out to each other during sessions, on WhatsApp, by emails, we create not just art but deep friendships.

If you’re like me, you want to listen to the flow of intuition rather than the outside noise more than ever, and intuitive art has a way of getting right to the core of an issue, providing answers, and sometimes profound guidance for moving forward. Reading the messages with and without the Genesis Cards comes from practice—that’s the direction we are moving in these sessions. Your astute observations and heartfelt support open doorways to what I’d like to think of as immune-boosting awareness. By feeling in control of your life, you have some say in how you react to people and situations, no matter what is very empowering. The intuitive art exercises vary each week. You’ll receive an email the day before the session explaining the lesson—but the actual lesson is done together on Zoom for the first half of the session, with the second half for sharing our art, and giving each other strokes from the heart. That’s the Genesis Way.