What should we do with all our Genesis Art?

Art that Accumulates

Genesis Art students often have an enviable problem. They become prolific after months of making intuitive art the Genesis Way in live and Zoom classes. What could possibly be the problem with creating so much art? It often happens that you don’t love everything that you’ve drawn or painted. There is a lot of experimenting […]

Symbols and Intuitive Art: Are the two like Oil and Water?

Oil and water

The tree that arises from imagination, not a symbol!! What happens when you mix oil and water? They separate. I turned to the children’s website Wonderopolis to refresh my memory why this is so. “Water molecules are polar molecules. That means one end of the molecule has a positive charge and the other end has […]

When Words Join Forces with Art

To me, one of the great joys in the creative process is communicating without the need for words. Words guide our thoughts toward what the maker wants us to think. I won’t call it mind control, but it sure is a way of numbing intuition. A work of art without words invites us to free-associate […]

Contemplating Our Strengths

In Genesis Art Workshops, you get feedback, lots of it, and it may be like nothing you could ever have imagined. Especially if someone long ago gave you crushing criticism about your art. “Criticism is typically offensive, insulting, and humiliating.  It creates seclusion and entrenchment,” according to Yehiel Harari. In Winning Every Moment, Harari devotes […]