Genesis Art Foundation Course on Zoom

 With Liane Wakabayashi


12 Wednesdays: Starting November 4th – $250

2:30-4:30 pm Jerusalem time

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Artists often don’t know where to start. It’s my passion to share intuitive techniques that bring joy and community to drawing and painting because when I started drawing 25 years ago, I had only my enthusiasm to guide me. What I discovered is that enthusiasm leads to breakthroughs, and to my absolute amazement, unwittingly I created a system of tapping into The Genesis Way, an approach to creativity and intuition that depends on bright rainbow colors, believing in yourself as an artist, and joining a caring community of like-minded people.  I created this online Foundation Course to offer a wide array of creative approaches from both the world in front of and behind the eyes.Specifically, here’s what you’ll learn:


Over 12 weeks you’ll master the basic principles of Genesis Art:

1) to draw with the intuitive artist as the unseen voice communicates through your moving hand

2) a vase of beautiful flowers can be painted intuitively with eyes closed

3) drawing of a tree can become a meditative experience

4) a smiling self-portrait done without a mirror can actually look like you

5) drawing children in a playground can take you back to your own childhood’s happiest memories

6) quick sketches in a cafe can capture heart to heart relationships

7) family relationships can be expressed intuitively in an origami collage

8) a bridge-art exercise can connect you to a loved one’s heart

9) you can see yourself through the eyes of an animal-drawn at the zoo

10) you can rewrite your biography in a role-playing exercise with the 44 Genesis Cards

11)  you can find paradise in your own home or neighborhood backyard by drawing it

12) through art you attune to artistic connections (synchronicity) and talk about this wonderful aspect of existence–the rich inner life that becomes real when you take action.


Draw out and then write down inspiring thoughts. The more you create, the more intuition speaks. That’s the Genesis Way.

You’ll receive a weekly handout with step by step instructions, with photographs that show what the assignment looks like from start to finish.


This slide show presents many of the lessons that are part of the 12-session Genesis Art Foundation course. Watching it brings back such happy memories and hard to believe this covers workshops from about 10 years ago!

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This drawing Intuitively series of workshops is a gentle, uplifting approach to staying balanced and positive in these challenging times. You’ll draw online for more than 30 minutes, and share what you’ve drawn with supportive guidance.   You’ll be guided through the basic principles of Genesis Art through lively discussion and warm, supportive feedback.
The techniques learned here can be practiced easily between sessions and shared on a whatsapp group created for uploading Genesis Art worldwide.
Monday class – Join any time!
3:00-4:30 pm Jerusalem time
Monthly class: 4 lessons $85

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Saturday Evenings

(Same as Monday classes, set for North and South America time zones)

7:00 – 8:30 pm Jerusalem time

Monthly class: 4 lessons $85

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Find out why people all around the world are dazzled by Genesis Art.

Azriela Jankovic and Liane present Inner Dimensions in Art Workshop on Zoom 10/7/2020

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