CP, Kanagawa

My mum (now 91 –she was an art therapist herself) is thrilled that I am doing your sessions and enjoying the art expression so much. We talk every evening and she forgets a lot of things,  but this is obviously important because she keeps asking about it. She wishes she could meet you and paint…

LS, Tokyo

“If you don’t like “woo-woo,” move along. this post ain’t for you. Today I needed to feel grounded as I have a few new things going on in my work life and even though its super fun to start new projects it makes me feel a little uneasy too, so I called Liane Wakabayashi of…

YT, Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo

“We all (even the adamantly non-artists) had fun doing self-portraits in vibrant water colors, without mirrors. Not only self insights and suggestions but in listening to others we learned more about ourselves, deepened old friendships, and got to know some of the new visitors.”

MK, Tokyo

“Although I missed some of your English sentences, your introductory guidance touched my heart. This is not just a drawing workshop. This is a space for good quality communication and it makes me truly happy.”

PH, Tokyo

“I’m so grateful for all your time listening and perspective. It helps me see I’m not alone and gives me more options and lightens things.”

RB, Tokyo

“My partner and I were facing a major hurdle in our relationship — the decision about whether to marry or not. The idea of doing some intuitive artwork was appealing so we both jumped in without hesitation. The results were astonishing. The Genesis cards we both pulled had no reds and oranges in them. Mine…

KM, Chiba

“This morning during a violent rainstorm, I was drawing a picture for my husband’s birthday. He is traveling in India now and this is the first time in many years we haven’t been together for his birthday. So in the midst of winds rattling the windows and rain clattering down, I drew him a picture…

MK, Chofu

“After many drawing at the Gifu farmhouse retreat my heart got lighter with each drawing . It was a very deep centering experience. After I return to Tokyo I want to continue.”

MB, North Carolina

“I was absolutely amazed how my drawing connected me to a Genesis card. I have to admit that I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I am very happy I gave it a try.”

CM, Australia

“The Genesis Way opens the door to exploring and developing art skills by using one’s intuition. I loved the experience, especially as I wasn’t sure what I would learn. I guess my angels just took my hand and led me.”