The GATT (Genesis Art Teacher Training) offers art, card layout, writing and reading preparation in order to teach with confidence the 12 core workshops that comprise the Genesis Art Foundation Course. Upon completion of Parts 1,2 and 3, you’ll be well prepared to work with students who are seeking more creativity, intuitive self-confidence, and personal happiness in their lives and offer them a certificate of completion once they have completed all 12 workshops.

GATT can be done privately or semi-privately, in the Okachimachi Genesis Art Studio or if you live outside of Tokyo, by skype.

Part 1: ART FROM THE HEART(semi-private lesson at Genesis Art Studio or individually by Skype)
Genesis Art Studio: 12 hours (2 day intensive course – six-hours per day) ¥36,000
Six Skype sessions: ¥42,000 (six one hour private lessons)

In Part One (12 hours of coursework at Genesis Art Studio or six Skype sessions) you’ll draw, paint, discuss book readings, keep a journal, and get practice teaching by inviting your friends to join you with home exercises.

In Part One, you’ll go to the heart of the Genesis Art experience—which is preparing the ideal state of mind for drawing in. You’ll learn six heart-opening exercises that lead to an “alpha state,” where brainwaves are most calm and balanced. From this “harmonious state,” creating art from intuition comes naturally.

Weekly homework: art assignments, reading the Master Key System and other important books on art and intuition, and journal writing.

Lesson 1) meditation vs. guided meditation
Lesson 2) nature walks for rebalancing
Lesson 3) healing sounds: uplifting music, aromatherapy
Lesson 4) yoga, chigong and other daily practices for body alignment
Lesson 5) making inspirational daily readings a part of your routine
Lesson 6) the joy of our own company: being your own best friend

Part 2: ART FOR RELATIONSHIPS (5 hours of art and layouts at Genesis Art Studio or 2 Skype sessions)

Where does the confidence to teach art come from? Because every work of art is a mirror of your relationship with yourself and others, forging good relationships make your art even more beautiful.

In Part 2 of GATT, you’ll use these five lessons to go deeply to “Know Thyself.” One of the core principles of Genesis Art is think positively. But in reality, stuff happens in our lives that tests this principle every single day. To know how to handle hard times and the difficult situations that arise when working with students from many different backgrounds, we start by working on ourselves From here, the gift of your teaching opens up in beautiful and miraculous ways.

Lesson 1) Role-Playing Layout – strengthens self identity
Lesson 2) Gallery of Life Layout – appreciating the loving support and gifts of life surrounding you right now
Lesson 3) Relationship Layout- look deeply into primary relationships to work on and develop
Lesson 4) Bridge Art – working on relationships by merging energies while respecting boundaries
Lesson 5) Family Rebalancing Collage – understanding family dynamics and the central role that comes from operating from a strong central core

-10 hours of class time ¥35,000
– Skype – 5 private sessions (one-hour each) ¥35,000

Part 3-FINAL PROJECT for Certification
Two one-hour sessions by Skype ¥7,500 per session (¥15,000)

Part 3: In this final project, you will have the opportunity to come up with your own original creative project and bring it to completion. Are you more confident as an art teacher? A healer? A Guide? A friend? Knowing your strengths will help you step into your power as a Genesis Art teacher.

Homework and final project consists of making a weekly commitment to doing a set number of studio art hours at home or in your neighborhood, introducing Genesis art techniques to your friends or family, submitting the artwork done, practicing layouts in a daily journal, and reading books by leaders in the field of intuition, awakening consciousness and energy medicine.
Upon completion of GATT, you’ll receive these benefits:

– Authorization from Liane Wakabayashi to teach the Genesis Art Foundation course and offer certificates of completion to your students who attend all 12-sessions.

– Uploading your profile,website link and news of your future workshops to and
– 20 percent discount on Genesis Way cards and guidebooks.
– For purchases of 10 sets or more, 30 percent discount on The Genesis Way cards and guidebook set.
– Printed materials, postcards and flyers that can be used for promotion of your workshops.

At this time, private Skype sessions are offered for GATT outside of Tokyo.

GATT at Genesis Art Studio is by appointment only for two or more people over consecutive days.

For further details, a printable version of this page, or to apply: email