We come from all walks of life. Some of us are writers, scientists, musicians, therapists and doctors looking to break out of old ways of being. Some of us have loved ones in old age homes, or in homes for the deaf or the blind, or are hospitalized, incarcerated or just in need of some cheering. Some of us have grandchildren and are only beginning to draw for the first time. Some of us have little ones snuggling on our laps. And some of us went to art school, but didn’t have such a great experience there.

Think of this community as your daily dose of happiness. Come here often to share your heart through your art. The way Genesis art works is unlike any art critique you ever knew before. The rules are simple. Just look for connections between a randomly chosen Genesis Card and your own work of art. Make these observations when you upload your art. Members of our community may notice subtle connections bound to delight and surprise you too. Staying bright, in the light, we move forward together as awakening artists.

The Genesis Cards and Guidebook, published in Japanese, English and soon Hebrew editions, offer drawing exercises and inspirational messages that surprising synchronicities. $30 includes international mailing.