Photographed by Takeyuki SatoTo view the 44 Genesis Cards which are used to amplify your own intuitive wisdom  at Genesis Art Workshops please watch the video below.


  1. Liane,
    I am having so much fun reading people with these cards. I use them like tarot as an addition to my vision board workshops. They are very effective to unlock people’s imaginations, as your images are so lovely and refreshing.

    Thanks for YOU! Judith

  2. I like everything about this – it honours the creative life of the psyche and the uniqueness of the individual and is so obviously heart-centred and focused on empowering and nurturing soul’s journey. Inspiring and uplifting work – thankyou for sharing your wisdom and unique gift to the world.

  3. Dear Liane,

    What a beautiful project and workshop you are doing in this planet.
    It is very important and exciting to know myself.
    When people know deeper they can walk by their power intuitively and it leads to the truth.
    It gives the confidence.

    Love, Shin

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