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Genesis Art Workshop Online Course

Genesis Art Workshop Online Course

Online Foundation Course Now Available! Finally, you don’t have to wait to visit Jerusalem to get thorough training in Genesis Art. This course is ideal if you prefer to learn at your own pace with Liane and from the comfort of your own home.

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Cover the entire 12-part Genesis Art Foundation course, learning everything you need to get start up your own home studio, from the nuts and bolts of which art supplies to buy to creating the time to draw, reflect, photograph and write about your own original art. Each week you’ll send your art by jpeg to Liane along with a weekly workshop update sheet to record your observations of how your art and intuition worked together to create magic in your life. Detailed instructions are sent each week to your inbox and the following week in your face to face meeting with Liane, learn how to use the Genesis Cards to discuss, develop, adjust a work of art and it bring it to completion. Over the 12 weeks expect to become confident in using the Genesis Cards to interpret what you’ve drawn and inspire you to take bold new steps in your artwork.

Requirements: The Genesis Way cards and Guidebook, Neocolor II watercrayons, Rembrandt pastels, laptop sketchpad, camera, notebook. Other basic studio supplies will be suggesed that you can either purchase immediately or gradually –if you don’t have them already.

Location: Your art studio can be anywhere in your home, even your kitchen table. The assignments for this course require you to go outdoors among sky and trees for inspiration and connecting with your inner artist through beautiful nature. Other assignment locations include: parks, cafe or dinner table setting, parks, a zoo, a body of water, or any other location where animals, children, and adults in full relaxation can be observed.

Skype face to face sessions – $1200 for the full 12 sessions (One hour per session)


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