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Genesis art workshops in Tokyo for intuitive and artistic exploration using set of 44 Genesis cards created by Liane Wakabayashi. Ideal for art beginners as well as adults and children with creative passion. Painting, drawing, collaging from fully equipped art studio on Okachimachi. Outdoor painting workshops offered in magnificent Shinjuku Gyoen, Baji Koen and other classic garden settings around Tokyo. Training offered for creative people particularly interested in exploring new medium for expressing intuition, for all in the healing , art therapy, teaching worlds, and for parents too.

On the 25th Anniversary of Sachiko Adachi’s Passing


Today June 20th, 2018,  marks 25 years since the artist Sachiko Adachi left this earth for–as she put it– another dimension and another mission. Her cosmic art legacy, her uplifting words, her gemlike books live on. To LIve As We Are is available on at four times the price it retailed for when we published it 18 years ago. How ironic that someone who continues today to leave a lasting legacy on the Japanese art world, contemporary spirituality, on our grasp of the power of intuition, has barely a trace of a presence on the internet. This too is as Sachiko would have wished. She explained how everything possesses a vibration and yes, Sachiko’s books, her art, her grasp of the universe could only be accessed by people of a certain vibration. I think, sadly, she would comment on how the earth’s vibration has gone down as a result of the age of the internet. It looks to all appearances that we are more connected as One Earth Family than ever before. But individually our intuition has been dulled and diminished by the power and sway that the websites we are hooked on have over us. RIP Sachiko Adachi. May we all make beautiful art that helps us return to ourselves–just as Sachiko did.

What do Israelis gain by delving into Japanese culture?

Israelis, I’m discovering fast, have a lot to teach me about the nation and the culture I lived amongst for thirty years. I choose my words carefully when I say “amongst.” To live with the Japanese traditions day in and out with the goal of perfecting one of their classic art forms is something that to my great surprise I find that Israelis take seriously when they go to Japan to study one of the traditional arts.

I’m in the process now of writing on this topic. Geographically speaking, culturally, linguistically and religiously speaking, even I can’t think of two more different mindsets than that of Israelis and Japanese. Israelis are emotionally demonstrative to a fault whereas Japanese are so reserved that one can easily mistaken typical Japanese reserve for national depression.

Then again, to meet Japanese artists is a powerful way to break through a veneer of correctness and untouchability and get to know their creative and light-filled ways of living. That was what I thought in the three decades I interviewed Japanese artists and artisans whose passion for their life work made writing their stories down one of the joys of my life.

Now here come a very unexpected twist of fate. I’m about to interview and write up the stories of Israelis who went to Japan and were transformed by the experience of opening up to the Japanese heart and soul of creativity that comes with teaching what they know. Some teachers have students. Some lecture. Some create the most thrilling youtubes imaginable.

Tonight this question leads me to look at some beautiful sites showing the work of Japanese artists I never knew about when I lived in Japan. Tomoko Fuse, a world-class paper-folding artist, is one artist I would have loved to interview and get to know. Her work is breathtaking, monumental, subtle as she takes origami to new heights.

What do you think?

Shalom from Yemin Moshe! Genesis Art Workshops has a new base in Israel!

Genesis Art Workshops has a new home and a new studio location in the quaint 19th century cobble stoned village of Yemin Moshe. I can’t wait to share my inspirational neighborhood with you, both the beauty, the spectacular views and the techniques I’ve brought with me from Japan, my home for thirty years.


Formerly the first Jewish settlement just outside the walled city of Jerusalem, after the Six-Day War, Yemin Moshe was redeveloped as an artists’ colony by Mayor Teddy Kolek, who saw the potential that artists could bring to the steep and stepped community facing one of the world’s most photographed views of Jerusalem’s medieval city walls.

An Important Announcement

22554987_10156212894421756_919567096553509288_nThis week I don’t know what makes me happier. That I became a new Israeli citizen or that after months of being locked out of this website I found the elusive password! Both bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Seriously, now that I am back in the wordpress saddle, I’d like to tell you about what’s ahead as I shift gears after 30 years in Japan to a new life with my kids in Jerusalem.

Genesis Art Workshops will continue as before. You can still do online private sessions internationally with me as a way of developing your intuitive art skills and take precious time out to refocus, recharge, and concentrate your energy on painting and drawing from the world within. Now with so much of our attention gobbled up by the world-without — social media, online news, youtube and the like — we need more than ever the tools and discipline to help us return back to our true self. This self is incredibly resourceful and creative, given the chance to demonstrate it’s stuff. If you are curious, I’m offering from now until December 31st, a special online one hour introduction to Genesis Art: one hour for $50, regularly $70.

If you have the Genesis Cards, and even if you don’t, this one hour session will give you an opportunity to focus on a creative goal you want to achieve in the months and even years ahead. You’ll take a few minutes before we speak to draw a colorful sketch, following simple instructions I’ll send to you, and then over the session, you’ll learn techniques to interpret what you’ve drawn in ways that help you move into high gear and take action.

As someone who has just left Japan after 30 years, I can tell you how elated I feel to have realized a dream that I have drawn over and over in my art, which was to move to Israel. Drawing what you love brings it closer to you. I’d be thrilled and honored to show you how.

Private session are offered Sunday through Thursday at times throughout the day and evening. Please contact me with specific time and date requests at

Love from Liane from our new home in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

Rachel Joy Scott’s Rose: A Healing Force in Life and Death

Today here in Israel I heard an incredible story about a young woman called Rachel Joy Scott who very very sadly was the first to be massacred in the Columbine shootings. She was a talented actress, and also used to draw in her journals.

On the morning of her death, she drew in her journal a set of eyes with 13 tears raining down onto a rose. She died at lunchtime in a hail of bullets when a boy who she knew since kindergarten, holding a gun to her head, asked her if she believed in God.

Deeply religious, she said yes. A month after her death a pastor by the name of Frank Amedia from Florida couldn’t get a recurring dream out of his head. He saw in his dream that Rachel had left behind a drawing of a set of eyes with 13 tears raining down onto a rose–the same number killed in Columbine.

So he called Rachel’s father, having no idea that in her journal was the image he had seen in the dream.

Okay, there’s a formula here. A dream and a drawing that connects two spiritual souls who never met in this life but met in dreamtime over a work of art.

Art can be that powerful. A healing force in life and in death.

Note: To see the artwork Rachel drew of the rose and find out more about this extraordinary 17 year old life, see:

Life in the Fast Lane

I was at the post office yesterday, went up to the counter and asked for some stamps. The postal worker went right to work. She slammed open a drawer, fumbled for a sheet of stamps, tore off two with a flourish, and handed them to me with one hand, taking change with the other.

You’d have thought there was a long line behind me. Or a few. Or even one other person in the post office. But I was the only one. The nervousness was infectious. I dug fast and deep into my wallet to produce some coins and get the heck out of the post office as fast as I could.

What is it about Tokyo society that turns us into speeding trains? I can get things done, for sure. Just don’t stand in my way or stop to chew the fat because I’m on a schedule, a tight schedule. I’ve got to get home and check my Facebook account. And send out a Tweet or two. And some guy in Ein Hod wants to friend me on LinkedIn.

This skewed relationship to time, to enjoying life at a sane and leisurely pace wasn’t always this way in Japan. Zen Buddhism stills teaches how to stop to smell the roses or at least appreciate the rapidfire song of the cicadas without feeling the obligation to join at their pace.

This is why I return to my creativity for short breaks, for meditative pauses
to step outside the speed of a life that feels increasingly out of sync with my heartbeat. When I draw or write, I can forget about the pressures of the fast life and enjoy doing things really, really slowly. Like selecting a paint brush so small and thin, I’m covering the paper with the detail of another world, another reality.

Drawing in community is great fun too. There’s still a few weeks remaining before summer break to join me in Tokyo at a Genesis art workshop –with a stopover to draw in beautiful Ueno Park. For details see Workshop schedule

Portraits of Courage

I have a soft spot for George W Bush’s new book, a monograph of his paintings paying tribute to injured veterans who served the country while he was president. It takes a big man to apologize and an even greater one to linger over a canvas with a wet paint brush while faces of these still recovering former soldiers become etched in his brain forever. What leader has ever done that?

Well, Winston Churchill was an avid painter–and Bush’s role model. But not to this extent. Painting abilities aside, even factoring in the fun he’s having with his creativity, Bush found for himself the best painting instructors he could in Texas and dedicated himself to honing his craft. His subjects come from real life and display a humility. For George W Bush to go for a visual message to deliver his apologies is mind blowing to me.

I wish that we lived in a world where media didn’t get rich from making laughing stocks out of the strong or weak –people who do dumb things even when we hold them up as smarter than ourselves.

I will order George W Bush’s book, Portraits in Courage, not because I ever liked his administration or the way he handled himself in government. But because the opposite is true. What can I say? As one painter to another, as one portrait artist to another, as one whimsically inclined colorist to another, George Bush and I are finally on the same page.

Ready to turn your photos of cherry blossoms into paintings?

Genesis ArtIf you’re like me, you have countless photographs of sakura. How can we not resist the temptation to snap away? And yet what becomes of those photographs? Well, I think I’ve found a happy solution–paint them!

Come join me for a relaxing few hours where I’ll show you a technique for painting flowers that will blow your mind. If you thought it impossible to draw sakura or any flower for that matter in a beautiful way, this technique you’ll learn in a matter of minutes will open up the world of painting nature like never before.

For this session please bring 3-6 of your favorite photos of sakura and a B4 Sketchpad. The rest-paints, palettes, brushes and light snacks are provided.

Limit: six participants. Fee: ¥3,000 for two hour session

To register: email or call 080-7743-8531