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I have a soft spot for George W Bush’s new book, a monograph of his paintings paying tribute to injured veterans who served the country while he was president. It takes a big man to apologize and an even greater one to linger over a canvas with a wet paint brush while faces of these still recovering former soldiers become etched in his brain forever. What leader has ever done that?

Well, Winston Churchill was an avid painter–and Bush’s role model. But not to this extent. Painting abilities aside, even factoring in the fun he’s having with his creativity, Bush found for himself the best painting instructors he could in Texas and dedicated himself to honing his craft. His subjects come from real life and display a humility. For George W Bush to go for a visual message to deliver his apologies is mind blowing to me.

I wish that we lived in a world where media didn’t get rich from making laughing stocks out of the strong or weak –people who do dumb things even when we hold them up as smarter than ourselves.

I will order George W Bush’s book, Portraits in Courage, not because I ever liked his administration or the way he handled himself in government. But because the opposite is true. What can I say? As one painter to another, as one portrait artist to another, as one whimsically inclined colorist to another, George Bush and I are finally on the same page.

Genesis ArtIf you’re like me, you have countless photographs of sakura. How can we not resist the temptation to snap away? And yet what becomes of those photographs? Well, I think I’ve found a happy solution–paint them!

Come join me for a relaxing few hours where I’ll show you a technique for painting flowers that will blow your mind. If you thought it impossible to draw sakura or any flower for that matter in a beautiful way, this technique you’ll learn in a matter of minutes will open up the world of painting nature like never before.

For this session please bring 3-6 of your favorite photos of sakura and a B4 Sketchpad. The rest-paints, palettes, brushes and light snacks are provided.

Limit: six participants. Fee: ¥3,000 for two hour session

To register: email or call 080-7743-8531

img_8050At Ueno Zoo 10/30 I had a drawing experience like nothing I’ve ever had before and it made me mighty uncomfortable. I had chosen as my “power animal” a rather jovial duck who struck me in taking a pose I know well from yoga–Vrksasana, or tree pose.

An interesting aside about tree pose. The great yoga master B.K.S Iyengar once pointed to flamingos at the San Diego zoo to demonstrate to yoga teachers how well balanced these enormous pink birds were when in “tree pose.”

Well, here was my well-balanced duck who kindly maintained its pose for long enough  to draw it without effort. Just as I’m finished with the quick sketch what happens? The duck collapses into a heap on the dirt and vomits. I can’t believe my eyes as it struggles to get up but can’t. It struggles for several minutes while my eyes are popping out from the tension of watching whether my “power animal” actually gets up or drops dead in front of me. There is nothing that upsets me more in this whole world than stumbling upon a dead bird–a phobia kept under check in Japan by a fastidious society that removes unsightly non-moving objects instantaneously. 

Drawing by M. Emoto
Power animals suggest beasts that are strong, powerful, confident and rulers of the animal kingdom. Interestingly. four out of five of us drawing at the zoo chose birds as our power animals. And it wasn’t as if we were drawing eagles or vultures. We were drawing skinny legged laidback everyday birds, like ducks.

My particular duck for reasons I will never know made a spectacular recovery and just as easily as if the whole spectacle of its struggle hadn’t happened, it picked itself up after a few minutes and resumed a lackadasical tree pose.

Art mirrors life–I believe. Animals mirror people–especially those we are drawn to. Drawn to watching, drawn to sketching.

There are moments in my day when I feel like that duck that is struggling to get up. I am immensely cheered that in the end my duck rallied. It did find the inner strength to carry on.

Liane with self-portrait drawn from imagination

Liane with self-portrait drawn from imagination

Make a self-portrait that you will just love hanging on your wall!

Self-Portraiture is such a pleasure when you realize that you don’t need a mirror to catch a likeness of who you really are.

This is one of my favorite exercises, as it reaches to the heart of Genesis Art –cultivating the inner smile. This smile that we offer ourselves can be like a cure for the parts of our lives that need a bit more kindness, light and understanding.

Join me this Sunday November 6 when you’ll have a chance to draw not only yourself without a mirror, but your partner for this exercise.

dscf4226As always, you’ll have plenty of time to talk and share deeply of life through randomly chosen Genesis cards. These cards are like amplifiers from the soul, opening us up to speak from the heart about the things in life that matter. As we focus on our creative selves, this is your time to let go of every other concern and recharge yourself with bright colors and feelings of well being. And while doing so, you may step out into Okachimachi’s warren of streets with a smile, new friends, and the memory of their wonderful smiles.


Location: Genesis Art Studio 2-26-8 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 090-4122-6626

Time: 1:00-4:00

Fee: ¥3,000

For reservations: email






There’s an exercise we do at the zoo for drawing our “power animal” and it’s surprising to see what animals that artists unconsciously choose to guide them back to recognition of the immensity of their intuitive awareness.

Here’s one beautiful story about how an artist drew flamingos after circling the zoo looking for a “stronger” animal to represent her power. After shopping around—so to speak—she ended up drawing the original flamingos.

Flamingos are symbolically rich in feminine and emotional meaning and with their long graceful necks have a lot to say about how we express ourselves from the throat.

I asked the artist if recently she’s been seeing  flamingo in other areas of her life. She laughed at the preposterous notion that there would be flamingos in her urban neighborhood but then her face suddenly changed in recognition that she had in her closet a bag that looked like a flamingo and the shoulder strap actually looked pink like the neck of the bird

Genesis Art Workshop Online

Genesis Art Workshop Online

… Here’s her lovely story:

Thank you for the fantastic session! I’ll share the memory about the flamingo bag below as I can recall it. Well, I chose to buy this eccentric bag (see below) at the advice of a kinesiology reader. Kinesiology  is a way to access our subconscious mind through subtle muscle responses. I do kinesiology myself, but I also like to receive a reading at the start of each year to seek guidance. And from last year “Oshare na kaban” – a stylish bag was suggested as lucky for me. I’m a very private person and don’t like to call attention to myself so I was surprised to hear this! Without that guidance, it was very unlikely for me to buy this sort of flamingo bag. In fact, I didn’t use it for one year  until finally this summer for the first time. And when I happened to pick it up in the closet yesterday morning after choosing the flamingo to draw in the park, I thought to myself “Wow.” And I used the bag yesterday!

Moral of the story: What we welcome and draw toward us is what we unconsciously draw on paper.

flamingo_bagThe next Drawing at the Zoo workshop makes place this Sunday from 10:00-12:30.

Location: Starbucks Cafe meeting point in front of Ueno Zoo

Workshop Fee: ¥2500 (park entrance ¥600)

To sign up: email or call 090-4122-6626

When: Sunday October 16th 1:00-5:00 pm

Where: Shinjuku Gyoen, Sendagaya and Genesis Art Studio, Akihabara

Fee: ¥3,000

Reservations accepted till Saturday night 12 pm.


Outdoors Genesis art workshop in Meiji Shrine
This time of year is magical. The days are getting cooler. The colors of autumn are firing the imagination. Join me this Sunday October 16th for a spectacular afternoon drawing and painting in Shinjuku Gyoen. We’ll meet by the Sendagaya gate at 1:00 and walk to the Japanese traditional garden, seating ourselves on the hill facing this beautiful pagoda inside the garden.

Today’s theme will be “Paradise in the City.” I think we probably all carry within us our own quirky, interesting criteria for paradise. What makes your vision of paradise different than mine? We can learn so much about ourselves by drawing in a garden that has such a strong pull on our senses that we lose track of time and don’t want to stop drawing. I’m drawing a pagoda set in a garden. You’re drawing a bird high in a tree. And we both call what we’re drawing paradise.

This intuitive art session, like all Genesis Art Workshops, is for all levels and ages. Come with a B4 Sketch book and a smart phone or camera to take pictures. If you have Genesis Cards bring them along. The rest of the materials will be provided.

1:00-2:30 Drawing in Shinjuku Gyoen

2:30-3:00 Take the train 15 minutes to Akihabara station and 10 minute walk to  Genesis Art Studio to continue drawing indoors.

3:00-5:00 Drawing, painting, and open discussions with the Genesis Cards. I offer you tools to grasp your own intuitive understanding of the artwork you make to help you  live more freely and creatively in many aspects of your life.

Genesis Art Workshops are small to allow for more connection between participants.

5 (1)To reserve your space: email or call: 090-4122-6626




At Genesis Art Workshops we draw a lot of trees because they are so soothing and calming. You can get to better know yourself through your own relationship with trees.

I will be offering a workshop on October 10th on this deepening theme of trees. Ueno Park’s leafy green sanctuary will be our drawing setting, offering  us so much to enjoy– the amazing street performers and the subtle shift of colors to autumn best.

After drawing for a full hour in Ueno we will return to Genesis Art Studio to continue drawing and getting to know each other through lively discussion with the Genesis Cards. This workshop is ideal for beginners and also a great workout for more experienced artists.  Come join us for a relaxing and inspirational day.

Date: October 10th

Time: 1:00-5:00

Meeting place: North exit of Okachimachi JR station

Schedule: Walk over to Ueno and draw from 1:30-2:30

2:30 Return to Genesis Art Studio (about a 20 minute walk)

3:00 – 5:00 Drawing and painting intuitively with the Genesis Cards

Limited to six participants. ¥3,000 per person. To reserve your space call Liane at 090-4122-6626 or email:


dscn8499 dscn8490

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno

Paintings by Liane Wakabayashi

Paintings by Liane Wakabayashi



Live Concert in Eikota, Tokyo, 9/11/2016


Marina Ahmad Indian Music Concert-and drawing:  from 5:00-6:00 pm.

dscn8436A little girl noticed I was drawing from her seat at the edge of Marina’s makeshift cloth-covered stage. The seat next to me was empty and it didn’t take much time for the sweet girl, Himaru, to sidle over and get a better look at what I was doing. Seeing she was more than curious, I handed her some paper, a paint brush and shared my paint box with Himaru. Afterwards when I asked how old she was she said “Five today.” Well, what a fine birthday present she gave herself!

Painting intuitively is so easy that when I say a child of 4 or 5 can do it, this is also meant as a gentle reminder that we are always beginners when it comes to art. New experiences bring with them inspiration and challenges–which for many of us is simply knowing how to use art supplies like the Pelikan paints used here. To my amazement Himaru knew instinctively to wash her brush in a cup of water every time she changed colors. This is why her brush work is so powerful and bright.

Daniel Babu with Marina AhmadA raga in Indian classical music expresses different moods in a certain progression. Marina Ahmad’s choice of raga for this concert was so fitting considering that sitting in the hall was Daniel Babu, my friend and nutritional counselor for more than 20 years who always-always talks about the necessity of eating, working, resting and sleeping at the God-given proper times of the day. Marina’s raga consisted of many songs that reflected the 24 hour cycle of the day and how our mood, our energy and the activities align with the movement of the earth and the heavens. Some songs were very bright and adrenaline boosting, like the ones at the beginning of the day and as the day progressed her songs and her voice took on subtle expressions of our lulls and then sudden surges of energy.

Intuitive painting by Liane Wakabyashi dscn8449

I only with that I had written down Marina’s illuminating explanations between each song in her 90 minute concert–but I was too busy painting and drawing!


Special thanks to  Marina Ahmad for allowing us to bring our sketchbooks and art supplies into a very packed concert room!



Kiyose Sunflower FestivalAn intuitive drawing workshop with Liane Wakabayashi and the Genesis Cards

When: Sunday 9/4 14:00-17:00

Where: Kiyose Sunflower Festival, Shimo Kioto 3-chome, Kiyose-shi, Saitama

Participation Fee: ¥3,000

Ready to feel like Vincent van Gogh for an afternoon?

Even if you haven’t drawn a single flower in years–if not decades, this is an amazing chance to draw mesmerising sunflowers in a field as far as the eye can see at the Kiyose village sunflower festival in Saitama. Van Gogh’s gift was to see a flower right down to its essence, and you will too, using the Genesis Cards for dialoguing with nature. Workshop includes a one hour introduction to the “Genesis Way” of approaching art as the outward expression of the inward search. Spend a golden hour in the field sketching with Swiss Necolor and Pelikan drawing and painting materials,  and one hour meeting as a group in a nearby cafe to share and discuss the exciting discoveries you’ve just made in sunflower heaven.

Limit of 8 participants so please sign up early to reserve your space.
All art supplies provided except for B4 sketchbook. Cafe drinks are not included.
For more details about the venue:
To contact Liane: or call 090-4122-6626.

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Liane Wakabayashi

Liane Wakabayashi

Khine Adler

Khine Adler



Wellness Retreat: Genesis Art and Yoga  with 

Liane Wakabayashi and Khine Adler

in newly reopened Kominka at Brown’s Field!

Discover, play, relax and learn from your wise intuitive artist with drawing and painting  sessions

Relax and refresh your body and mind at daily yoga workshops conducted by certified yoga teacher Khine Adler (daily early morning sessions plus full day of yoga on Saturday)

Free optional workshop led by Liane! Do creative writing inspired by what you draw and paint!


*All meals prepared cooperatively at the farmhouse. Enjoy learning how to cook Southeast Asian Cuisine!

*Participation fee includes daily breakfast and dinner, Genesis art workshops and art supplies,  yoga workshops, writing workshops.  Macrobiotic lunch can be enjoyed at Brown’s Field’s Terrace Cafe for ¥1500 per day.

*Maximum participants 10 men and women interested in spiritual self-development, creativity and —good health!”

*Digital Fast on Saturday! Unplug from the digital world to restore a deep sense of recognition that you have all the creative “apps” you need inside you!

captionKhine Adler with Liane Wakabayashi


Wellness Experience

Part 1: Wed 8/24 12:30 pm – Fri 8/26 2:30 pm Regularly  ¥32,000

Part 2: Fri August 26 12:30 pm – Sun Aug 28 2:30 pm Regularly ¥32,000

Special discount if you sign up by August 1:   ¥27,000 for each part or

stay August 24-28 for both partsl: ¥55,000

Workshop participation includes Genesis Way deck of 44 cards and guidebook (3,000 yen value)

Scholarships! One partial work-study scholarship available in exchange for daily kitchen support. ¥28,000 for four days. We are committed to find a way for you to participate!

To register: email or call: 090-4122-6626


About the Wellness Retreat’s leaders:

Liane Wakabayashi loves to initiate art to people who never believed they could paint or draw. She is the creator of an intuitive and creative breakthrough deck of 44 cards called the Genesis Way, and teacher of Genesis Art Workshops.  share her love of writing, drawing, painting, and spiritual exploration. See for more details.

Khine Adler brings a warm community feeling to her vinyasa, hatha, and pre and post natal yoga. Originally from Myanmar, she received her yoga training in Thailand and India and is a registered teacher with Yoga Aliance USA.

Retreat includes: either 2 or 4 nights shared room accommodation

Vegetarian and fish-themed dinners, Japanese and western-style breakfasts

Please bring new B4 Sketch Book and Smartphone for taking photographs of your artwork–or your favorite camera.

To register: email or call: 090-4122-6626

Directions to get to Brown’s Field house:

From Tokyo station take Wakashio to Kazusa Ichinomiya station (one hour). Express trains leave approximately on the hour. We will be at the station for a 12:15 pm pick up and for latecomer taxis are available.

Find out about Brown’s Field here!