Genesis Art Workshops offer a gentle approach to developing artistic gifts. A deck of 44 Genesis Art cards offers creative companionship and insights that turn drawing and painting into a transformational adventure, whatever your age or stage of artistic development. Workshops and retreats are ideal for beginners. For more advanced artists and therapists, training and certification are offered directly from Genesis Art pioneering intuitive artist and head teacher Liane Wakabayashi,

Become a certified Genesis Art instructor.

After taking the foundation course of 12 sessions, continue with advanced training by working one on one with Liane to gain practice and confidence in the techniques that can be applied to education, psychotherapy, nursing homes, centers for recovery of addiction and mental illness, trauma relief centers, etc.

Children’s and Parents Art Workshops in Jerusalem
Ever felt envious of your children’s artistic talents? At Liane’s children’s’ workshops parents are invited to sit down and share this special time creating in a magical “zone” of peace and togetherness time. There are no complicated instructions here. Art supplies are provided, trigger words like “love,” “family,” “happiness,” are written on the back of a blank sketch paper. Then the fun begins. Draw and paint whatever you like using bright rainbow colors. When a drawing is completed, pick a Genesis Card and Liane guides you to notice the details, colors and feelings that connect what you’ve drawn with your randomly chosen card. Doing so opens up a beautiful stream of dialogue between family members when art becomes the tool for caring communication!