Hatsumi Tonegawa writes about how Genesis Art is changing her, one picture at a time ….


・1st tiger

“Draw one’s favorite animal without looking at the paper” at Nihondaira Zoo. The card was “Body Language”.

・2nd tiger

I corrected the background color and details with Lian’s advice. It was more like my feeling of “I admire the graceful and powerful figure of a tiger! I want to be like this. It is also important to add some humor.


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昨年5月、精神世界に親しんでいる(というか、プロ)クレリエールの金丸真紀子さんから「これ、絵を描くワークだから、はーちゃんにぴったりだと思って買ってきたんだよ」と紹介されたのが『GENESIS WAY/若林リアン』と描かれた44枚のチャーミングな絵のカードとガイド本のセットでした。

私は心の根っこがずっと元気がなかったのですが(ということに、元気になったら気が付きました(笑))、カードを一枚引いて、ガイドブックに描いてあるワークをやってみたら、描き始めてすぐに ざあっと風が吹いてたまらない自由を感じたのでした!(運命の出会いだね!)それから魅了されて何枚か絵を描きました。「若林リアンさんって、だれだろう?会ってみたい!」と感じました。






Genesis Art Online


Genesis artwork involves the interaction of your subconscious (unconsciousness) and your explicit awareness– who am when I’m thinking right now? I’m discovering that drawing pictures helps you become aware of and transform your thinking in a positive direction. You can do Genesis Art alone, and it’s good to do it with others. Then you feel you’re not alone.  I found out that I’m connected to this world, much more free and powerful! Oh, my God! What a revelation!


In May of last year,  Makiko Kanamaru Sensei, who is familiar with the spiritual world, introduced me to this is drawing work. She said “I thought it would be perfect for you,*  so I took her advice and bought a set of 44 cards with charming pictures called ‘GENESIS WAY/Wakabayashi Liane’ which came with a guide book.

The root of my heart had been closed, but when I drew a card and did the creative exercise work described in the Genesis Way guidebook, as soon as I began to draw, I felt freedom, like being blown away by the wind! I was fascinated and drew some more pictures. I felt, “Who’s Wakabayashi Liane? I want to meet you!”

Every time I drew, there were more and more changes inside me that only I could understand. It was interesting, and I thought we should all do this!

I am constantly uploading my work on Instagram now that I have been working on Genesis art since the end of May last year.

I’m taking the Genesis Art Teacher Training course with Liane Wakabayashi and I’m looking forward to teaching in the summer 2020– while continuing my design profession.


Genesis Art HP

Genesis Art Online

This is my son practicing guitar. He chose this card yesterday and today, and I too chose this card when I imagined him yesterday. Frog Prince (true self)