HIgher Self  through the Genesis Cards

HIgher Self through the Genesis Cards

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Who is this Higher Self — anyway?
When did I stop referring to this me with a halo as the “higher self?” Was it before I started painting intuitively? That would have been more than 20 years ago.

Or was the banishment of this “higher self” from my everyday vocabulary the result of some greedy impulse? It’s true that I wanted to take ownership of everything I thought, said and did — as if there were no help from the higher realms guiding the story of my life.
Yesterday I was teaching an art and writing exercise done through the Genesis Cards. These 44 cards can cut through stuck thinking. That’s what I teach others — as I’m the creator of these cards. To follow what I teach is a bit trickier because stuck thinking itself is the greatest of tricksters.

I had set before me random cards in a row and strung words together as I identified imagery on each card that tugged at my heart. As I did this, my thoughts shifted from stubborn refusal to change my thinking to a deep exhalation. Afterwards, I asked myself what just happened? What was it that could make me think “absolutely no way” one moment and “well perhaps there is a way” the next.

Words matched with soothing imagery struck down hurt feelings. The words that came up to the surface by randomly choosing a few Genesis Cards and stringing “nonsense” sentences together created a messages that shed light not on the difficulty I’m having now in my relationship with my mother-in-law —but the way to overcome it.

“She’s a queen. You’re a queen. We are brought together through conception: her son, my children — they’re hers and they’re mne. We are here to learn in this life how to soften our edges. Flowers were at one time our shared pastime and entryway to communication. Don’t forget this to be true, the flowers are everywhere — a lotus pond is in your urban backyard! Thinking this way brings physical mastery.”

Higher Self has made a comeback — only she had been here all along. a higher realm of knowing and generosity to see the good in others and in myself.

To find out more about the Genesis Cards, Liane’s original approach to developing both artistic and intuitive abilities from higher wisdom, see http://www.genesiscards.com